The Truth about Sugar

SANDHEDEN OM SUKKER er oversat for Gyldendal af dygtige Sinéad Quirke Køngerskov, ph. d. Bogen THE TRUTH ABOUT SUGAR kan købes i alle danske boghandlere, f. eks. hos Saxo og hos Amazon (kun eBog).

Vil du hjælpe med at gøre hele verden sukkersmart? Så del dine erfaringer med den danske bog – og forhåbentlig kan vi smitte omverdenen med alle de oversete sundhedsmuligheder i det stabile blodsukker og den biologiske logik.


Discover your body’s health potential.
The Truth about Sugar teaches you everything you need to know about the effects of sugar on your biology. Your health doesn’t depend on how much sugar you eat. It depends on how much sugar is circulating in your bloodstream. Blood sugar spikes can maintain a negative health spiral, where even small fluctuations in blood sugar levels can sustain weight problems, chronic diseases and fatigue. The good news is it’s easy to get your blood sugar back on track. And The Truth about Sugar shows you how.

  • Get a 6-step personal sugar strategy
  • Get 6 steps to a life-changing period of stable blood sugar
  • Debunk myths about sugar and carbohydrates
  • Discover basic knowledge and a new mindset of sugar, carbohydrates and calories
  • Learn why some people can tolerate unlimited amounts of sugar while others put on weight – despite exercising and living a sugar-free life
  • Get the tools for your best protection against chronic inflammation and lifestyle diseases

With recipes, guides, exercises and reflections, glossary and reference section.

Purchase in all Danish bookstores or at Amazon (only kindle version) or via an e-mail to for international delivery. I sincerely hope you will like the book.

Read the comments for doctors and trainers:

“Sugar plays a key role in many of the problems that harm our health. Anette Sams hits the nail on the head with this book, which is professional but accessible. Anyone who cares about their own and their children’s health can find plenty of inspiration in this book.”

Chris MacDonald, MSc, founder of Strong Body Strong Mind, Silver medallist Race Across America.

“The Truth about Sugar is a fantastic introduction to carbohydrate biology. Sams explains in easy-to-understand language that paves the way for the reader to understand how to have a better life by stabilizing their blood sugar. Very educational and well-written.”

Dr Arne Astrup, Head of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, Professor at Copenhagen University

“The Truth about Sugar is for anyone who is healthy and wants to be even more so or for anyone who is sick and wants to change their everyday diet and routines for a better life.”

Dr Oluf Borbye Pedersen, Endocrinologist, Professor at Copenhagen University

Purchase in all Danish bookstores or at Amazon (kindle version only) or e-mail for international delivery. I sincerely hope you will like the book.