SugarSmart (engelsk foredrag)

Experience a talk grounded on research

Get life-changing knowledge and inspiration for your health, energy and stable weight loss.

Embark on your new role as head of your own health universe. And get the better of harmful health beliefs.

The key to health is stable blood sugar. End of story. This is the core message of this lecture by researcher Anette Sams. Having found the recipe for stable blood sugar, we have found our individual path to a healthier life, increased well-being and a much reduced risk of being hit by lifestyle diseases. A stable blood sugar level is the best route to stable weight loss and away from lifestyle diseases.

In her talk, Anette Sams presents thought-provoking new knowledge and illustrates with concrete examples and little experiments how it’s possible to stabilise your blood sugar and reduce the dangers brought about by high blood sugar. At the same time, she shares her ideas for how to repair the damage that having high blood sugar may already have caused in the body. Blood sugar makes a crucial difference when it comes to our health. Come and learn why!

Anette imparts knowledge in a way that everyone understands – and is inspired. She addresses a number of issues, which she finds essential and completely absent from the public health debate. The lecture is built on Anette’s more than 20 years of drug-oriented research at Copenhagen University, Novo Nordisk and, at present, Rigshospitalet Copenhagen.

With her talk SugarSmart, Anette has set out to surprise and improve our knowledge of health – though not by presenting incomprehensible theoretical concepts – but rather from a scientific and concrete health-promoting basis that makes the radical life changing difference. “We have to increase our knowledge of the body’s biology if our health isn’t to be reduced to random trends. Knowledge is the best medicine!” says Anette.

Begin your health-enhancing journey with a lecture that is research-based, personal, present, attentive, and 100 % concrete and useful, whether you would like to improve you own health or that of those closest to you.

Anette’s book The Truth about Sugar is available for purchase and signing after the talk.

What people are saying about Anette’s talk

“Thank you for a very informative and inspiring lecture. You deliver complicated science in an ‘edible’ and lovely humorous way.” – Anne

“You have given us GPs a tool against every inflammatory disease that comes crashing into our practice nowadays. I can see that your principles require you to read and understand a book. Maybe that’s the most important thing! That the patient themselves is responsible and we are just the facilitators.” – a GP

“Thank you for such good talk yesterday … things started to fall into place for me … namely what has been tripping up me health.” – Brian

“Praise all round – this is the first time I’ve heard so much positive information. You are so good – and we are so fortunate that you have chosen to share this in a way that includes everyone.” – Jeanni

“You have amazing stage presence; rarely have I heard such a lively and engaged speaker. It was fantastic.” – Christine

“Thank you for a wonderful lecture. Extremely exciting topic delivered in a perfect combination of seriousness, knowledge, humour and charm.” – Heidi

“I’m on my fourth sugar-free week and it’s my birthday today. More like a re-birth. That’s how it feels now that my no-compromise week has become a new way of life, a change in diet and a profound sense of happiness by having found a better me. Thank you so much for that. My body and mind have reacted both incredibly positively and quickly to life without sugar and refined foods. My needs are met and I have an abundance of energy. Imagine that a food, which costs 3 DKK per kilo would change my life. LOVECABBAGE4EVER!” – Ulrik

“I send my patients to your lectures. It works! Getting patients off medicine is a new concept for us doctors. I myself have also lost 12 kg. Only 7 to go.” – a GP

“Thanks for a super inspiring evening. When I saw your lecture for the first time in 2015, it was the catalyst for a change in both my diet and my perception of it. So yesterday was another pat on the shoulder for still doing the right thing and becoming ever wiser and wiser. You are an amazingly humorous speaker and an enthusiastic activist. The audience can clearly feel your passion. I hope you know that. I want to share all the knowledge I have gained, so I was very happy when I saw you were giving a lecture. I managed to take my mother, sister-in-law and two colleagues with me. So now I have even more people to talk and share knowledge with.” – Lonni